Whole Health
Whole Health is integrated into the design of the New Home Office and its amenities like Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness. The intent for Whole Health at Walmart is to create an ecosystem of choice where well-being can be achieved in terms of what is most important to each associate to live their personal values and purpose.
What Matters to You

Whole Health for Your Whole Life

Whole Health supports YOU in living your values and purpose, and improving emotional, physical, and financial well-being in all areas of life and work. Connecting your internal motivations and your purpose to sustainable behaviors.

It's about what matters TO you, not what is the matter WITH you.

Pause | Notice | Choose

The Practice is Simple

  • Pause: Means to simply stop ​

  • Notice: Means to pay attention, on purpose, to what is happening in the present moment without judgement.  Paying attention to what is going on internally, maybe your thoughts or a physical sensation, and externally, maybe the breeze or sounds. ​
  • Choose: Then choose what you want to do in the  present moment that serves you best.  You are the boss; you know what is best for YOU! 

The Support You Need, For The Priorities You Choose